My brother and I made this Pac Man Group Costume from cardboard boxes and spray paint. First we drew a grid of pixels on the cardboard and then traced the actual dimensions pixel by pixel of the ghosts and Pac Man onto the cardboard. We then cut out 2 pieces per costume and spray painted them to match PacMan, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

Then we painted the second side of the ghosts the blue color they turn when Pac Man can eat them. This gives the effect that when you turn your back to someone you see the blue side and when you face the front you see the colored side.

We made shoulder straps out of elastic strips and secured them on the tops of the costumes. We also put the elastic straps between the two pieces of cardboard on each costume to prevent them from flapping around when you walk. Lastly, we wore all black.