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700+ Last-Minute Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and you have no costume. Sound familiar? Some of the most creative people are major procrastinators. Okay, we may have made that up, but we can definitely relate to your predicament! Luckily for you, this section has over 700 pictures of homemade costumes and how-to’s to create your own fabulous DIY costume.

Best of all, last minute costumes usually mean using materials you have around. This translates into saving money! So you can have cool homemade costumes made super quickly and inexpensively.

Looking for something funny? Check out the lost dog and cat costumes here. Feeling nostalgic? Using just a bucket, a bandage and a friend, you can dress up as Jack and Jill. Handy with makeup? Try a Day Of The Dead or a pop art costume. Always wanted to be a Mr. October? Now you can be!

In addition, you will see classic costumes like nerds, vampires, skeletons and movie and television characters. With hundreds of images to inspire you, what are you waiting for?



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