I combed the internet for a Tinkerbell costume for my 2 year old and a Peter Pan costume for my 4 year old. I didn’t some across any that I was happy with and really looking for an original look. I decided to put my costume making classes to work and make my own Tiny Tinker and the Adventurous Peter Pan costumes myself.

The hardest part was fitting my daughter. I had to do it mainly while she was sleeping. For the “hair” I made a hat out of fleece (pretty easy), her shoes were red that I sprayed opal green and I made leaves from sparkle green tulle for the bottom of her dress.  All in all the my son is SO skinny I couldn’t find pants for him so I ended up making him stretch pants too! I was very pleased with how they came out and had a lot of  fun. It was a good feeling to hear others compliment and getting the characters right. You know you’ve done a good job when that happens!