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Coolest 50+ Homemade Peter Pan Characters Costumes

Stay a kid forever with these Neverland inspired homemade costumes. Instead of growing up, dress up in one of the Peter Pan characters costumes below.

Check out the Peter Pan costumes for a chance to be the bravest hero in a green suit. Also, there’s an awesome couple costume with Peter Pan and his shadow, for an extremely original DIY costume.

Another popular costume idea is a shimmery Tinkerbell costume. Take a look at how the fairy costumes here were constructed. Get the best tutorials in order to make truly unique wings.

In addition, what would our story be without a villain? Check out homemade costumes of the evil Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. They are a great addition to any group Peter Pan costume.

So, browse through this collection of Peter Pan characters costumes for your best DIY costume inspiration this Halloween.

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