Coolest Homemade Peter Pan Family Costume

Never Neverland! Our son, Elliott, really wanted to be Peter Pan for Halloween so we went along with the theme, creating a family costume. I was Wendy, my husband Bill was Captain Hook, our daughter Lucy was Tinkerbell and Elliott, of course, was Peter Pan.

I bought the patterns for all 4 costumes and made everything with the exception of Captain Hook’s hat & pants and Tinkerbell’s wings. I even made leather moccasins for Peter Pan! It was a great look and Captain Hook got quite a scare out of some trick-or-treaters!

Captain Hook (Simplicity pattern): For his coat, I used quilted upholstery fabric. I used gold, sequin ribbon to trim it. His pirate blouse underneath (hard to see in the picture) had HUGE puffy sleeves with a sheer fabric for his cuffs. I used the same sheer fabric to make his cravat tie.

Wendy (Simplicity pattern): the fabric for her dress was satin powder blue. The pattern was actually for a nightgown. I wore white slippers and put a ribbon in my hair to match the dress.

Tinkerbell (Simplicity pattern): I made everything except for the wings. The dress had 8 petals going around the skirt and layers of tulle as well as sheer fabric with glitter underneath. I used the same sheer fabric for her shoulder straps. For her hair, I wrapped a soft toy ball with yellow felt and sewed strips of felt to her hat. This way she stayed warm and looked cute!

Peter Pan (Butterick pattern): These real leather moccasins, which I had made, were big enough to fit over his sneakers. The fabric for the jacket & hat (with red feather) was felt with sparkle strips in it. The fabric for the pants was a very soft, warm fleece (I thought tights would be too chilly – we live in Michigan where Halloween is always cold).

 Peter Pan Family Costume

 Peter Pan Family Costume

 Peter Pan Family Costume

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