Adorable DIY Tinkerbell Costume

Adorable DIY Tinkerbell Costume

Over the Summer I decided that I wanted to make my kids’ Halloween costumes this year. So, in July, my daughter Riley (6-years-old) and I started looking for inspiration online. She decided that she really wanted to be Tinkerbell, so we started looking at as many Tinkerbell costumes as we could to get some ideas. … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Toddler Costume

Coolest Tinkerbell Toddler Costume

My 2-year-old insisted on being Tinkerbell for Halloween and I had absolutely no problem with that because my daughter was a perfect Tinkerbell! After searching several websites for Tinkerbell wings, I came across an Etsy shop called Wicked Wings. They are based out of London. They had wings that looked identical to that of Tinkerbell’s, … Read more

Cute as a Wink Tink Costume for a Toddler

I think Tink

This year my two year old fell in love with Tinkerbell. Every Disney princess soon became Tinkerbell. So I quickly decided my sassy little blond would make a great sassy blond for Halloween. I looked up everything I could on creating a unique and spectacular costume. I pinterested my heart out and googled all the … Read more

Cutest 100% Handmade Tinker Bell Costume

Cutest 100% Handmade Tinker Bell Costume

Planning out the Tinker Bell Costume Well I knew months ago that my 2 year old daughter was going to be Tinker Bell for Halloween since she is CRAZY about Tinker Bell. Also, I knew that I didn’t want to spend $25-$40 on a store-bought Tinker Bell costume. Because, in my opinion, they look NOTHING like … Read more

Feisty Tinkerbell Homemade Costume

Feisty Tinkerbell Homemade Costume

I absolutely love all things Disney so a few years ago decided to have a Disney themed dress up party. I decided to go as my favorite character of all time Tinkerbell! I made the entire costume myself starting off with the tutu like skirt. I bought a few different types of material in different … Read more

Tinkerbell Costume

Tinkerbell Costume

I have always wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, partially because I love her, but mainly because I favor her. I bought a Men’s XXL T-shirt in the perfect “Tinkerbell/Earth Tone green” that I could find. I found a strapless dress that had somewhat of a heart shaped top in my closet and traced it … Read more

Disney Princesses Come to Life Group Costume

Disney Princesses Come to Life Group Costume

We all some what resemble a Disney princess so we decided we HAD to do it.  Most of our costumes were things that we already had. So we spent ultimately nothing!  But don’t get me wrong, it was difficult to dig through old things that matched up perfectly with the costume.  At our Halloween party people pretty … Read more

Coolest Chief Eagle Feather (from Peter Pan) Costume

Materials needed: Light brown long-sleeved shirt Green pants Moccasins White fabric (for gloves) Blue and yellow felt (for neck piece) Black wig (braided) White face paint Viking helmet Poster board (dark and light blue, white, pink) Black marker (for feather tips) For Halloween 2011, we did a Peter Pan theme. My sister was our Chief … Read more

Coolest Homemade Boy Fairy Costume

Homemade Boy Fairy Costume

I made this Homemade Boy Fairy Costume, apart from the wings which I bought, when I couldn’t find anything I liked. I modeled it after “Terrance” from Tinkerbell. So he is a Sparrow Man which is a fancy way of saying a ‘Boy Fairy’. My biggest fear was that it would turn out too girly … Read more

Coolest Naughty Forest Nymph Costume

Forest Nymph Costume

This naughty forest nymph costume was made for the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands last April. First of all I have to admit, I bought the corset, but only because I didn’t have a pattern to make one. The idea came with the skirt. It was an old wedding dress that I used as … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fairy Girl Costume

Homemade Fairy Girl Costume

I made my daughter’s Homemade Fairy Girl Costume out of random purple, blue and pink fabric scraps I had lying around and some of my fake plants. I spent a total of $10 at the Dollar Store on the stockings, the hair pieces, the slippers and a part of the wings. My husband made most … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fairy Princess Illusion Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Fairy Princess Illusion Halloween Costume Idea

Making this homemade Fairy Princess illusion Halloween costume idea was tons of fun… We started with the mushroom which you will need white material, extra large wire wreath, suspenders, hot glue gun, puffy paint, craft batting/stuffing and a sewing machine (you also have to hand sew this costume as well). First you measure your child’s … Read more

Coolest Peter Pan And Wendy Costume

Peter Pan and Wendy Costume

Wendy was Peters love interest! For Wendy I got a long nightgown and curled my hair. Peter was a green shirt, green pants, fake plastic leaves sewn all over the costume, green tights,a wooden sword, a piece of rope for a belt and lots of spray glitter! I chapped up the edges of Peters costume … Read more

Coolest Homemade Butterfly Fairy Princess Costume

Homemade Butterfly Fairy Princess Costume

Our 5 year old wanted to be a fairy this year. I went to JoAnne Fabrics and bought materials to make her a Homemade Butterfly Fairy Princess Costume- toule, shiny fabrics (in all different shades), and lace. I had found a pattern for a sleeveless dress and layered the materials on top of one another … Read more

Tinkerbell Costume

A big thank you to my mother known as “Crafty Grandma” My mother loves Tinkerbell and Erin is her first granddaughter so of course for her first Halloween she had to have Tinker bell costume. Mom used a basic pattern for a top and pants with feet for an infant. She made the top a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Peter Pan Family Costume

Chrs > Peter Pan

Never Neverland! Our son, Elliott, really wanted to be Peter Pan for Halloween so we went along with the theme, creating a family costume. I was Wendy, my husband Bill was Captain Hook, our daughter Lucy was Tinkerbell and Elliott, of course, was Peter Pan. I bought the patterns for all 4 costumes and made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Woodland Fairy Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Woodland Fairy Halloween Costume Idea

My daughter wanted to be a woodland fairy so I got to work on her homemade Woodland Fairy Halloween costume idea. Using four colors of tulle and ribbon, I made the tutu skirt. Then, with grapevine I cut from my family’s yard, I made the base of the wings. While the vines were fresh, I … Read more

Tinkerbell Costume

My daughter loves Tinkerbell, so she wanted a be Tinkerbell for her Halloween party. I found some flesh-colored material and some lime-green material on clearance. I used one of her own long-sleeve T-shirts for a pattern to make a “flesh” colored shirt. I then made the top part of the green and sewed it on … Read more

Coolest Homemade Peter Pan Group Costume

Homemade Peter Pan Group Costume

The girls at work and I decided to do a Homemade Peter Pan Group Costume. We all made our own costumes, I am Captain Hook. For Tinkerbell, she made a small green dress and attached fairy wings. For Peter Pan she simply wore green tights and sewed a basic shirt, hat and booties. For the … Read more

Coolest Autumn Fairy Costume

Autumn Fairy Costume

I made this Autumn Fairy costume for my daughter this year, at her request. I used the McCall’s pattern # M4887, for the dress, vest, and skirt, and purchased the wings, as I thought they were gorgeous. The wings are called “Shimmering Dark Butterfly Wings”, and are made by Fun World. They are adult sized, … Read more

Coolest “Peter Pan” Characters Costumes

Homemade "Peter Pan" Characters Costumes

I am a Fashion School drop out BUT, it doesnt keep me from “tinkering” around the sewing machine every once in awhile!. I LOVE designing and creating my own costumes for Halloween and my husband of 2 years is actually starting to let me take creative control over his Halloween costumes. The costume I made … Read more

Coolest Fall Fairy Costume

Homemade Fall Fairy Costume

We found a fairy pattern and bought sunflowers and glued them to the bottom of the robe and small ones for her shoes. The wings on the Fall Fairy Costume were wire then with a taffeta over the wire glued to it. I tried to attach them with Velcro but ended up tacking them into … Read more

Cool Tinkerbell Costume

Tinkerbell Costume

My littlest girl wanted to be Tinkerbell last year. We didn’t like the fluffy costume you could buy in the store so we made our own Tinkerbell costume. I found a green nighty at Goodwill and shortened the straps to fit better. The bottom was chopped up into ragged points. The wings were left over … Read more