My 2-year-old insisted on being Tinkerbell for Halloween and I had absolutely no problem with that because my daughter was a perfect Tinkerbell!

After searching several websites for Tinkerbell wings, I came across an Etsy shop called Wicked Wings. They are based out of London. They had wings that looked identical to that of Tinkerbell’s, so I purchased a medium set from them.

As they were being shipped to me, I went to a fabric store and purchased green cosplay fabric and a zipper. I borrowed a friend’s sewing machine and I sewed my daughter’s costume using a photo of Tinkerbell as a guide.

Since my daughter is very slender and Tinkerbell’s dress is not very complicated, her dress was very easy to make. We then went to a craft store and purchased slippers along with green fabric dye. I dyed the slippers green and attached white fluff balls to the ends of the slippers.

When the wings arrived weeks later, we put the costume together and Tinkerbell was born! I then took these photos of my daughter in her full costume and sent them to Wicked Wings to show them how beautiful their wings are and how perfect they are for anyone wanting to be Tinkerbell. They were so impressed with the photos and the excellent representation of their wings, that they are now using my daughter as their cover model for their Etsy page and their Tinkerbell wings. They stated that they have received a few compliments already regarding my daughter’s costume and their wings.

What makes me happy about this Tinkerbell costume is that it’s something my daughter really enjoys being. She lights up every time she wears it. I’m also proud of myself for sewing her dress together myself. My daughter’s only complaint, though, was that she can’t really fly, lol!