I’m not the Dorothy type, and that’s been overdone… people forget why the Wicked Witch of the West was after Dorothy and her little dog… it’s because she killed her sister by landing her house on her head!! I made the shoes by first spray painting them red, and then added red gliier a bit at a time with spray adhesive. I made a house out of a pasta box and cheez-it box. I used  the side with the cellophane window as the front part of the house, so it could act as the window on the house. I painted the house, added shutters to the windows and a door. I used a sharpie marker to add detail. I attached the house to a cool hat I found at a costume shop. I affixed some grey and silver ribbon, adjusting it to look like the tornado going around the house. I got a lot of compliments on this costume. Some people didn’t get it at first, others did. BUt as soon as I showed people my shoes and what was on my head, they understood and loved it.