Coolest Homemade House That Fell On The Wicked Witch of The East Costume

The idea for this House That Fell On The Wicked Witch of The East Costume came from the fact that the original Wizard of Oz was released to DVD and my kids just loved the movie. They thought it was the funniest thing that the house fell on the witch. So I came up with idea to make my daughter into the house that fell on the witch.

So I found some boxes at work that would be big enough to fit over my daughter and come down to her knees. I cut the bottom flaps off and glued the top flaps down really well with hot glue and then cut a hole big enough to fit over my daughters head so the box would rest on her shoulders. So her head is in the attic part of the house. I then built a roof pitch and gable ends on it with other pieces of cardboard box and hot glued them together. I made the chimney out of card board boxes as well. I just tried to use what I knew about building a house to make it look real. I then cut a hole in the front so she could see out and made the window out of card board and glued I over the hole. The rest of the house was just a matter of painting it. I painted the doors, windows, flowers, siding, and just tried to make it look as real as possible.

To make the witch legs we found some white and black striped stockings and some red dress shoes and it all come together wonderfully. She looks just like a house that feel on the witch.

Homemade House That Fell On The Wicked Witch of The East Costume

Homemade House That Fell On The Wicked Witch of The East Costume

Homemade House That Fell On The Wicked Witch of The East Costume

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  1. Very nice work, but some key points (from an Oz mega-fan):

    1. Were there sunflowers along the original house in the movie?

    2. Was the original house a three-story like this one?

    3. Did the original house have a bay window like this one?

    4. Can you sit down in the costume comfortably?

    Again, cool costume. Just thinking about authenticity versus the cute factor here.

  2. I understand the house may not be to full perfection but here are the answers to you questions-

    1. The sunflowers could have been around the house somewhere. Did you really see all the way around the house in the movie? And the setting of the movie was in Kansas in the county and Kansas is known for their sunflowers.

    2. Well the costume was not a three story house it was a one story with a loft. From seeing the movie the house looks as though it was a story and a half anyway.

    3. It?s not a bay window it?s an attic window.

    4. As for sitting in this costume you must take it off first.

    Hope this helps you better understand my thought behind this costume…..”Art is how the artist portrays what they see”

  3. At the time I was building the costume I didn’t think about taking pictures as I worked on it because I had never heard of this site until I was looking for another costume idea for one of my other daughters. I so wish I had of though and I wish I still had the costume but right after Halloween was over the kids wanted to use it as a doll house and they kind of destroyed the poor work of art. But I love my kids and I wanted them to have fun with what I had made for them plus at the time I had no storage space for the house because we lived in such a little apartment. We were also building a first house at the time and that helped in coming up with this cool costume as well.
    But my daughter loved this costume because it did have its own candy holder…once people realized she didn’t have a bucket that she could hold they started putting the candy in the chimney. It was the funniest thing to watch people loading her chimney full of goodies. So building the chimney is a must for this costume.

  4. I like the idea but…

    When the house dropped on the wicked witch, wasn’t the wicked witch scene of her legs laying flat on the grass, bush maybe? Maybe a pick with her sitting down with her feet straight out would have been cool to see.

    The house in the movie was also abit wrecked after the tornado & from its landing. Not pretty & beautiful like yours looks.

    And while I also understand sunflowers do come from Kansas, at this point of the movie, she’s not in Kansas anymore. But hey maybe they were there in Munchkin-land & I just dont remember seeing them.

    Also seeing your daughters face from behind the window reminded me more of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ cartoon movie… after eating the mushroom and growing inside the house. lol Not at all trying to sound rude. Just adding in that it reminds me of that, which was my child’s favorite movie this year & what she dressed to for Halloween.

    Before it might be said, I do understand that childrens costumes need easier access then adults, for MANY various reasons ;)

    I probably would have glued lace fabric to create a curtain effect.

    But like you said to the other anonymous comment

    …”Art is how the artist portrays what they see”

    …”and its always a good thing to hear both good & bad criticism, thus makes the better artists in this world of art, creativity & imagination”

    *********Congrats to your winnings & the joy of your child for loving ‘Wizard of Oz’, one of the most greatest classic movie to many!! :)

  5. Love it! I don’t think it has to be a perfect replica, the house is very creative and MOST people would get exactly what it is by looking at it. I think I am going to do something similar now, how creative!

  6. Some of these comments are very sad indeed. Who cares whether there were sunflowers or not? It’s supposed to be FUN, and it’s an excellent original costume idea. Way to go!

  7. I think this is a wonderful idea & am a bit in awe of some of these comments. This is a costume for a child made by her mother. Not a costume made for an actor in a rendition of “The Wizard of Oz” or is’nt a costume made by some special effects guru!! GREAT JOB ON A GREAT IDEA MOM!!

  8. What a bunch of JERKS!!! You did a fantastic job creating this costume! Don’t listen to them, you got the house and the witch’s feet, it was GREAT!!! Your daughter should be very proud of you for all your effort and the fact she WON!!! :) Congrats!

  9. No buts about it. A great idea executed wonderfully. I love original costumes. Especially inanimate objects. It’s such a nice change from characters and animals. Also it doesn’t look like you have to be an engineer or welder to fabricate. Nice job mom. A plus I think would be whether indoors or out, you can dress appropriately. So many wonderful costumes don’t work for both situations.

  10. Okay, seriously! I’m a Wizard of Oz fan, and I think this idea is FANTASTIC! Who the heck cares if it’s not EXACTLY like the movie. The idea was to make a unique costume that people would RECOGNIZE. Funny how the people who were questioning your representation of that classic scene KNEW what it was you were creating–even if it wasn’t in their minds’ “perfect.” I LOVE IT, and I salute you for creating an original work of art for your child!


  11. I think it’s wonderful! A great homemade costume and the girl looks thrilled! I am sad about the negative comments with things. Who cares? It’s Halloween!

  12. This is so incredibly charming- Very creative and very cute. What a cool mom! There a a million ways to interpret something… I think people like to give “constructive criticism” because it makes them feel like an expert. But judging from this costume, YOU are clearly a home-made-halloween-custume-making-genius! NICE WORK!

  13. Love this costume! Was looking up images on google for pictures of the house that fell on the witch and I ran across this picture. I wanted to create something like this last year for Halloween – definitely doing it this year – thanks for the pic and the info!

  14. After looking at MILLIONS of homemade costumes, (From the Yip-Yips to Ketchup,) I think I found the best costume online! It’s so original and creative! I love to make costumes that I get to doodle details onto and this is perfect! You are a mom to appreciate.

  15. I love the originality of this costume & I think your execution of it was spot on! I didn’t for a minute think it wasn’t the “House that fell on the Wicked Witch” Anyone who wants to spend time critiquing this in a bad way should look at the bigger picture of Halloween. You didn’t enter this into National Society of Film Critics! If you are someone who is claiming to be big Wizard of Oz fan how are you not head over heals when you see kids these days wearing something from your all time favorite movie. There are too many things wrong with alot of the store bought costumes & usually kids are leaning toward current times rather than old classics. I think you did such a great job with it. You can see how excited & joyful your daughter is. That is the best part of Halloween for me…. Seeing the smiles on the kids & how creative their little minds can be. For those people who spent the time to say anything rude about this great little costume I have an idea for your costume this year, dress up as someone nice & positive you might not want to change out of it when the Holiday is over.

  16. I think by FAR ..that has got to be one of the kewlest costumes I have ever seen.(way to go defending yourself..)silly people and their comments..
    Again great job..I LOVE IT

  17. Wow, first of all because this is an awesome idea beautifully executed! Congrats, your daughter should be very proud of her Mommy! And Wow for the first few sorry ppl who commented, they need to lighten up just a bit and maybe get a life…again congrats to you momma, you did an outstanding job (which may be why you WON)

  18. OMG! I LOVE this costume!!! it is SOOOO cute!!!! I love how well it looks to the original!!! I love this moviw to and i give it 1000/10!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Designing a costume does not mean copying someone else’s vision. It’s fine if you want to recreate the exact look you saw on stage or in the movies (I think of that as building or crafting a costume, not designing). I think it is far more interesting to put your own creative spin and/or imaginative touches on a project. I do costume designing and building for community theatre and schools, but I think this applies to all costumes. GREAT JOB ON THE HOUSE!

  20. Absolutely Adorable!!!! You did a great job.
    Look for the beauty in creativity!
    Don’t look to those who add negativity

  21. Awesome idea – I just found out our team of 30+ coworkers chose “Wizard of Oz” for our theme this year, we will be having local daycare trick or treat through our building holding around 300 employees – this might be a winner for me! I have an unlimited supply of cardboard. Great thinking!

  22. I am a huge oz fan.. If you wanna get so technical, the shoes in Frank Baums books were actually silver… They were made red to show off the technicolor. Also, this little house could very well have blended perfectly with the original Baum drawings. I think this mom did a fantastic job of combining the original cute pastel artwork in the books with details from the movie. I bet you really tore Wicked to shreds. Rolls eyes.

  23. This costume is so wonderful! I laughed so hard, because it is such a cute & original idea! I loved it so much, that I’ve made one just like it for my Halloween this year!! Adorable! Good work! :)

  24. Fantastic! I want to be the wicked witch of the east for an OZ themed party and I am SO following your great idea! I think some of the people who are named Anonymous are being petty. IMHO

  25. At the time I didn’t think about it but we just had people put the candy in the chimney and then I would take it out when it got full.It worked pretty good and people thought it was fun to do that.

  26. This is, quite simply, a masterpiece. Making your own costume has gone the way of the birds but there is nothing like it. Your instructions for the house are perfect. I’m an adult so I bought two extra-large size boxes from Home Depot to create the box. I’m painting it a couple different shades of gray to bring out the black and white aspect of the film. To top it all off, I’m making my own ruby red slippers out of red sequins. I have an old pair of shoes and I’m applying them by hand…hundreds of sequins…and tens of hours. But, the shoes look like the real ruby red slippers and I’m having a blast doing it. It’s a lot of work but good therapy after a long day at work. Thanks for the inspiration! One day you daughter will look back on her costume and think you are even more amazing than she thinks you are right now.

  27. I cannot believe some of these people want to say it’s not exact to film. YOU took the time to make this with Love and Patience. It Looks GREAT!! You have set the bar for others to open their minds and indulge themselves in their own imagination. GOOD for YOU.

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