I had this idea of being the Wicked Witch of the West, which would’ve been fine, but, I figured why not take it a step further. This year, I decided to be the Wicked Witch of the East.

Since no one knows what she looks like (other than her iconic ruby slippers), I decided to have fun with it. First, I played with the idea of going green. When that idea didn’t work out, I was stumped, I was sure that I wouldn’t be dressing up for Halloween. A few years ago, I did an awesome zombie make up where it looked like my skin was falling off. I decided to go with that BUT instead of blood, I was going to paint my open wounds green, giving the illusion of human skin falling off of my green skin; like a witch wearing a human costume. I achieved this look by applying layers of white gift bag tissue and liquid latex. Once those were dry, I went in CAREFULLY with tweezers and opening the wounds. I then layered a slightly darker foundation than my normal skin tone and blended it out with a lighter color to match my skin. Once I was finished with that, I went in with green face paint, black around the edges to make shadows, and with some yellow mixed in with green to create contours and highlights. I also threw in the heavy eyebrow and a mole for more of a witchy look. I finished my face off with regular makeup like I would normally do for any day, and let my hair flow. As for my costume,  I bought a generic witch’s costume, black and white stripped tights. And the best and necessary parts- the witch’s hat and ruby slippers. I made a mini house with cardboard, construction paper, and glue. I glued that on to my hat to pay homage to the house falling on the witch. As for my shoes, I had a pair of hot pink flats with bows on them already so I patiently added on sequins one by one. It took a total of six hours to complete the shoes, 2.5 hours working on make up, 10 hours of enjoying the day being a witch!