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Dorothy and her House that Landed on the Wicked Witch

Emilia, age 2 chose Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as her Halloween costume.  Pulling her in a wagon was the perfect set up for her house prop.  It’s just as if we were standing in Munchkin Land where the house landed on the witch, getting ready for the great journey to Oz.

Dorothy and her house

Making Dorothy’s house that landed on the witch

This project started with an empty box that with a little paint and a glue gun turned into Dorothy’s house that flew in the tornado from Kansas and landed on the witch.  The witch’s feet are curled coat hangers covered with knee striped high and stuffed with plastic bags.

See witches feet

Details from Wizard of Oz movie

Dorothy’s seat was covered in yellow fabric with “Follow the yellow brick road” stenciled on both sides. The cup holders in the wagon were a perfect spot for the lollipops to represent the “Lollipop Guild” and the items Dorothy’s friends asked for when they got to Oz. Including the Scarecrows diploma, the Tinmans heart, the Lions badge of courage and the Good Witches’ wand. People were amazed by the details.

lollipops and friends gifts

Queen Dorothy that killed the Bad Witch

Dorothy’s costume was a typical blue gingham dress with a white tutu, sparkling knee highs and red shoes that she took from the Wicked Witch.  Toto had a matching blue gingham collar and sat perfectly in his basket that Dorothy used to collect her candy. Emi was sure to introduce her dog “Toto” to all of the nice neighbors giving her goodies.

Dorothy and Toto

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