Coolest Tinkerbell Costume

I have always wanted to be Tinkerbell for Hallowe’en, as she was always my favourite Disney Character EVER. When I finally got around to making the costume, it was a lot easier than I thought. It consisted of a tank top, a tutu skirt, wings, a wand, ballet slippers, and fairy makeup.

I went to Smart Set and bought a green tank top. I was going for a tube top, but couldn’t find any in October. For the tutu skirt I went to Forever XXI, as I knew they would always carry the weirdest fashions. Unfortunately, the hue of the green was a little off, but it would have to do.

I had ballet slippers from dance over the years, so I used those, but you could also wear ballerina flats. My sister’s friend gave me a set of Tinkerbell wings she used for her costume. You can also make wings out of a coat hanger and nylons, and just add glitter, for a special homemade effect.

I pinned the wings to my tank top, and added a pink ribbon around my waist, to hide the fact that my shirt and skirt were separate.

I bought a wand from Party Packagers. As for the makeup, I youtubed “tinkerbell makeup tutorial” and watched many to get the full effect. It consisted of alot of greens and pinks, as well as lots of glitter. I finished off by curling my hair instead of the traditional bun. Voila!

Coolest Tinkerbell Costume

Coolest Tinkerbell Costume

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