Feisty Tinkerbell Homemade Costume

I absolutely love all things Disney so a few years ago decided to have a Disney themed dress up party. I decided to go as my favorite character of all time Tinkerbell!

I made the entire costume myself starting off with the tutu like skirt. I bought a few different types of material in different shades of green and silver. I used mostly tulle and chiffon. I then attached this to some elastic which was long enough to fit around my waist and sewed the material so that it was a little bit bunched up. I then cut out leaf type shapes from the green chiffon and sewed this as the top layer. I covered the elastic with green ribbon which I tied in a bow at the front. For the top I just wore a green singlet top that I bought from a local store.

I then hen bought some green satin shoes. These had bows on the front with a gem stone. I took off the gem and instead wrapped around fluffy string type material which formed the little pom poms on the shoes. I just tied this on here so I could remove afterwards.

I paired the costume with a wand and some fairy wings I already had at home from when I was little. I then did green makeup and out little rhinestones on my face for extra fun. I did my hair in a big bun (this was before I knew what a sock bun was so the bun wasn’t as big as it could have been)  and I tied green ribbon around the bun. Then voila, I was Tinkerbell.

I had the best party ever and everyone came dressed as their favorite characters. I even had a Tinkerbell cake made by my mum which just topped it all off.

Feisty Tinkerbell Homemade Costume

Feisty Tinkerbell Homemade Costume

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