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The Black Swan and Always Sexy Mila Kunis Costume

What girl doesn’t want to wear a tutu on Halloween? I was trying to come up with costumes that involved a tutu and suddenly it hit me: THE BLACK SWAN! I was overly excited about my idea for the entire month I was working on it. I don’t think it would take an entire month to make everything normally but I put a lot of detail and time into every piece because I love to craft.

Since I was going to be the Black Swan, I teased my boyfriend for a month that I was going to make him be the white swan. On the day of Halloween he still did not have a costume to wear so we decided to make him “Mila Kunis.” The task of turning a white, 5’9″, 165 lb. man into Mila was a little too farfetched for us so we took the comical approach. I found a black T-shirt and wrote, “Mila Kunis” on it. It was the hit of the evening! Everyone loved the Black Swan and always sexy Mila Kunis costume and he was excited to wear jeans and a T-shirt all night. We were asked to take pictures with a lot of people we didn’t know. It was such a flattering gesture.

What you need for Costume:

  • black tutu (I made mine, but you can easily buy one at any costume or dance store)
  • Black, fitted tank top or leotard. (I bought a supportive, more structured tank top at a discount store so the jewels would stay without the fabric stretching.)
  • Silver and Black Rhinestones 
  • Black Feathers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • nude tights (if you don’t have tan legs OR if its freezing outside)
  • black ballet shoes
  • tiara

What you will need for Make-up:

  • Make up Primer (optional)
  • White Paint (for your foundation)
  • Black, White, & Different Silver Tones of eye shadow
  • Black eye-liner
  • Black Mascara
  • Brush
  • Bobbie pins
  • Hair Elastic
  • Hair Spray


I made out with Mila Kunis all night!


Top: Leotard/Tank Top

I pulled up a picture of the black swan costume online and tried to replicate the best I could with my hot glue gun, rhinestones and feathers.

RHINESTONES:  I started by “bedazzling” the left side of the chest. I used silver and black stones in a giant cluster covering the entire left bust. Just use a dab of hot glue and place the rhinestone on top of it.

FEATHERS: I filled in the remaining top right of the costume with black feathers. I would put a line of hot glue and place the plastic part of the feather on top of the glue. Hold for about ten seconds to allow the glue to cool. I filled in the top right bust and the remaining empty space throughout the tank top. I used two bags of feathers over all.

I did add a few rhinestones on top of the feathers to give the tank top a little more sparkle!

**My fingers did turn a little blue/black from touching so many feathers so you may want to wear gloves.


I found a tutorial on YouTube on how to make a tutu.

I used a black ribbon as the waist band so I could tie the tutu as tight as I wanted it but you can also use a piece of elastic the size of your waist. I cut my black tulle into long strips and tied them onto the tutu. Mine ended up a little long but you can also trim the tutu down if you want after you are done. Your best bet will be to watch a tutorial to get the exact look you want for your tutu.

After the tutu was made, I hot glued feathers onto the top of it tulle in a few places to make the top and bottom flow together.



Make-Up and Hair

Make Up

First, add a make-up primer to keep your foundation in place all night. Then, put white costume make-up all over your face, like you would put on foundation. I had a friend of mine do my eye make-up. She used different shades of silvers, white and black eye shadows to create the black swan mask over the eyes. The best method we found was to put the colors on in stripes. The eyeliner is best put on last. We dragged the black liner out past the eye to give a more dramatic look. Finish up with black mascara on your lashes.


I just did a simple Ballerina bun on the black of my head and secured it with Bobbie pins and hair spray. Top with a rhinestone tiara and you are all set!


Hair and Make-Up

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