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Coolest Black and White Swan Couple Costume

We are best friends who decided to dress up as one character this year, so we chose to be black and white swan from the movie “Black Swan”. We received many complements and people were asking us where we bought these costumes as they would love to get them for next year… that sparked my idea of posting the description on how to make these yourself (exactly what we did!). It takes patience and creativity :)

[Black Swan Costume:]

– Black corset: Natalie Portman had feathers only along one side of her chest, so attach feathers on top of the corset with a hot glue gun and then tulle to cover the ends of the feathers and crystals to finish. Than sew black tulle to the whole surface of the corset to add texture.

– Tutu made by sewing an elastic band into layers of tulle.

– A plastic tiara was sprayed black, then crystals were hot glued to it.

– High heeled shoes used instead of ballet shoes, with white ribbon hot glued to the sides to make a ballet shoes effect.

– Make up was made with white face paint, black and silver eyeliner, and dark red lipstick. There are many tutorials on YouTube that will guide you on how to do your makeup.

– White tights completed the look.

[White Swan Costume:]

– For top: we used plain corset, than attached feathers along the chest, than tulle was attached around to add texture – so it could blend easily with the tutu. On the sides of the corset we attached crystals, and on the back around more feathers. To attach feathers and crystals we used a hot glue gun.

– Tutu was made the same way as the tutu for black swan. Crinoline tulle is best for it as it is stiff and it will stay stiff. You will need at least 5 layers, and for best finish you can sew very gently all the layers together.

– Hair piece: Pieces of fleece (you can purchase them in A4 format at any craft store) cut out to be shaped like wings. Feathers were attached to it (all facing the same direction) than crystals for great finish. Pieces of the ribbon glued to the back so that hair pieces could be attached to hair with bobby pins.

– Makeup: also white face paint was used, then loose powder, only around eyes, forehead and nose. Than you will need black and silver eyeliner, brown, white and gray eye shadows. Also for best help with makeup look on YouTube.

Coolest Black and White Swan Couple Costume 4

Coolest Black and White Swan Couple Costume 4

Coolest Black and White Swan Couple Costume 4

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