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Coolest Black Swan Homemade Costume

I was unsure of what I was going to be for Halloween and while looking around in a thrift store for ideas I saw a porcelain black swan vase and realized what a great costume that would be. I had seen the movie last year and knew this was something I could totally pull off. I started looking online and at costume stores for the Black Swan costumes and didn’t like any of them! They were too cheesy or poor quality or just didn’t look accurate to the movie so I decided I’d make my own.

I started my Black Swan Costume by going to a local ballet store and bought a tutu and a plain black leotard. I used to take dance classes so I had pink tights and ballet shoes already. Now that I had the basics I could get started on the creation of my Black Swan.

I sewed pink ribbons to the ballet shoes. For the leotard, I sewed on sequin black fabric, lots of black feathers and finished it by strategically hot gluing black and silver jewels in the same places as the outfit in the movie. I also sewed black feathers to the top of the tutu and hot glued more jewels on the tutu as well. It’s amazing how time consuming it is to sew feathers!!

For her transformation into the swan, I cut the finger tips off of some old black gloves I had and sewed black feathers on the top of the gloves like when her hands started to turn black in the movie. I purchased red contacts for my eyes, a tiara and the black wings (because I was running out of time to make my own).

I looked at images online to figure out the make-up. I painted my face from my nose up white and used black eyeliner to outline the shape around my eye, black eye shadow to fill it in and used the white face paint with a thin paint brush to paint the details of white on top. I finished the eyes with long black feather eyelashes and colored my lips w/ dark red lipstick.

Coolest Black Swan Costume 8

Coolest Black Swan Costume 8

Coolest Black Swan Costume 8

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