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Coolest Black Swan Homemade Costume for a Woman

Hi Elad,

This is my very first entry in this contest… I decided to create the Black Swan costume from the Natalie Portman movie. The movie was dark (not for everyone) but I was intrigued with the costume…

I bought pale pink ballet tights and canvas shoes which I sewed pink satin ribbons on them..

I purchased a black tutu and sewed them to my black dance shorts.. I added quite a bit more crinoline to make it stand out more like a real pancake tutu..

The top was made from an 80’s dress that my aunt had.. it had a black satin plain bodice which I cut off the straps and then glued all the appliques, feathers and rhinestones by hand.. it was a time consuming process but well worth it :)

The tiara and back comb (again all handmade) were made from bendable wire which I molded clay around and let it dry and then painted it black and added a bit of glitter to make it more metallic looking and glued on the rhinestones.

I kept looking at reference pictures to make it look as authentic as possible including all the makeup..

Topped it off with the red contacts which really added to the costume!!

and there it is… my Black Swan Costume!


Coolest Black Swan Costume

Coolest Black Swan Costume - Black Swan Tiara before painting

Coolest Black Swan Costume - Completed Black Swan Tiara and Comb

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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