The Black swan costume. There were so many of these but I was determined to have it down to a t.

First I got a black tutu and bodice. I danced for many years so I had broken in Capezio point shoes and tights already. Then I bought a black velvet corset  at Gothic Renaissance and added black swan feathers and rhinestones to match Natalie Portman’s costume.

For the Tiara I actually bought a cheapy one from a party store and then bought model magic and formed the black organic shaped tiara that matches more closely with the tiara from the film. I also pressed in the rhinestones before it dried and then painted it all black.

Makeup!- I ordered the contacts from 9MM FX, these are full sclara lenses that were kind of a pain to put in but fine once I got the hang of it and looked great. I used a makeup forever palette for the eye makeup detail and Mehron white cake makeup for the white.

It was a hard costume to pull together but I loved doing it, enjoy!