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Coolest Black Swan White Swan Costume

Coolest Black Swan/White Swan Costume

After creating Steampunk costumes for two years and not winning the costume contest at the Magic Castle in LA, I wanted to come up with a unique idea that might give me a better chance of winning.

Then the movie Black Swan came out… and I knew what I had to do. Swan Lake has always been one of my favorite ballets and I’ve always loved the melancholy of the white swan Odette and the slyness of the Black Swan Odile. So instead of creating just a Black Swan costume, I decided to do half Black Swan half White swan. Here’s how I created my Black Swan White Swan Costume:

Most of my costume is handmade, however I purchased and modified the corsets to save time. I started with two corsets, 1 white and 1 black. I took them apart and since these corsets had metal front closures, I removed the metal stay from the front of the white and resewed it into the black, so the white and black corsets would line up properly and close.

Then I sewed the feather pads over the breast areas and added the rooster feathers along the top. I sewed white and black along the stays of the corset and sewed on black and white rooster feathers topped with hot-glued Venice lace.

For the bloomers, I cut black and white bloomers in half and resewed them together on my sewing machine. The tutu was constructed by gathering the tulle on the sewing matching and sewing it to elastic, then sewing the black and white together. I also added black and white lace and beading on the edge to add a little pizazz and sparkle.

I hot-glued a white and black ostrich feather to each side of a black headband, then hot-glued black and white feather pads on top and glued two rhinestone earring bottoms I had.

I had 1 Pointe shoe professionally died then hot-glued marabou feathers and a rose to the front, and hand bleached and whitewashed the other point shoe to get it to look white. Then I glued the white marabou feathers and rose to the white shoe. I purchased the fingerless gloves, since they are readily available and I made the armbands by sewing black and white Venice lace to elastic.

I used black and white Halloween makeup making sure to put the white makeup only on the black swan side and used pink lipstick on the white swan side while dark red brown on the black swan side. I also made my black swan and white swan earrings and my look was complete!

Did I win the costume contest? No, but I came in second. It was well worth it anyway as everyone was amazed by this costume. Viva Swan Lake!

Coolest Black Swan White Swan Costume

Coolest Black Swan White Swan Costume - Headpiece

Coolest Black Swan White Swan Costume - Corset

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  1. I am very inspired by your creative skills. It is clear that you are both a dancer, and an artist. BRAVO!! Your costume wins hands, or feathers down!


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