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Do-it-Yourself Elegant Black Swan Costume

I recently fell in love with the movie The Black Swan (a little late I know) and was dying to recreate my own twist on it for this year’s Halloween! I love making my own costumes especially when you have plans to go to a big halloween party, because although someone may have the same idea- nobody will have the exact same costume!

What you need to re-create The Black Swan:

Black corset, black tutu, black feathers, rhinestones, tulle (optional), black string and sewing needle (optional), a tiara, basic black flats, and a hot glue gun. For makeup you will need a black eyeliner and silver glitter with a dark red lipstick.

Corset: I didnt want to directly glue anything onto my corset, incase I ever wanted to use it for something else. So I used tulle to fold into layers to create a barrier between my corset and what I glued onto it. Ofcourse, you can skip this step if you dont mind glueing directy on the corset. I began glueing feathers onto the tulle. Once I was happy with the amount, I glued rhinestones on the ends. I added a few feathers to the middle and then I was already finished with the top! Tutu: I purchased a basic black tutu that you can find at any costume store. I added the same feathers onto the tutu by glueing them to the top layer. Simple! Makeup: It’s best to practice first, but all you need is black eyeliner to shape out the winged look of the eyes. Then, you go in with silver glitter to make streaks inside of the black. 

It was overrall a fun experience, and very rewarding once you have the completed look put together! Everyone kept asking how I made such an awesome costume by myself and if I did the makeup on my own! With every project comes potential complications though. Try not to make the same mistake I am when using a hot glue gun. Since tulle has holes in it, the VERY HOT glue goes right through. I had a few minor burns but just use a rag to hold when using glue and you should be fine!

Hope you enjoyed my costume! Thank you :)

Do-it-Yourself Elegant Black Swan Costume

Do-it-Yourself Elegant Black Swan Costume

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