Black Swan Costume and Makeup

Materials needed:

  • Black corset
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rhinestones (got mine from Hobby Lobby, I used two or three sizes)
  • A couple different kinds of black faux feathers (got mine in packs from Hobby Lobby)
  • Tulle skirt or tutu (mine was from Forever 21)

I used LOTS of photos for inspiration, mostly of the actual movie costume but a few photos from other people as well. I started with the feathers, starting at the top (neckline) of the corset and working my way down in layers. I tried to make sure this maintained a bra-cup shape.

As that dried/cooled, I went to the other side of the front and glued on all the rhinestones, focusing them in the bra-cup shape and thinning them out down the corset.

I then went back to the feathered side and added a few rhinestones sporadically within the feathers, just to embellish it a bit.

For the skirt, I didn’t really want an actual tutu, so I just bought a skirt made of tulle from Forever 21 with a thick elastic band at the top and wore that over the corset with a pair of spandex underneath. I wore a pair of basic black heels with it.

I got a lot of great reactions with this costume and several friends want to borrow it.

Black Swan Costume and Makeup

Black Swan Costume and Makeup

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