Coolest Black Swan Costume

How to create theHomemade Black Swan Costume:

It all started with a black corset, and then I got the black tulle (about 2 meters), black feathers and some decoration for the front upper part of the costume (black, white and silver sequins). A friend of mine helped me sew the tulle to the corset, and then I had my black tutu almost ready!! I added the décor and the feathers one by one with fabric glue.

Tip: Not the hot one, you can get it in the same place you buy the fabrics, it’s easier to manage and you won’t get burn ;)
Tip: I got inspired by playing music from the movie and watching some scenes on Youtube, also by looking at pictures of the whole outfit. I googled for a close shot of each part of it!!

I wore white panties, white ballerina panty hose and white flat shoes. I got some white ribbon and sewed it to the shoes myself to make it look like the real ballerina ones! As the professional ones are quite expensive. Mine worked out perfectly for the costume! For the crown I bought a little girl’s silver crown from the store and painted it black. And before the paint dries I covered it all over with black glitter! It looked really nice! I also added some fake jewels with glue to make it prettier and more realistic. I pulled my hair back in a pony tail first then I rolled it up to make a bundhead.

Tip: I used a lot of hair gel and bobby pins.

Make-up: I did it myself looking at a close up picture of the character from the movie, and also watched a video from Youtube to get more ideas from people that already did it. I covered my face with white facial paint and loose powder (pearl natural shade). Then for the eyes I used a long lasting (very important) black eye liner.

Tip: Also use some of the same white face paint on the eyes to make it look like feathers. I added some grey shadow and a bit of bronzer on my cheeks. For my lips I combined a red lipstick with a plum long lasting lip gloss to make it darker. I draw some uneven lines at the top of my hands with black facial paint.
I wore red contact lenses and rented black feather wings. For my performance I placed some of the same black tulle in my face, kind of as a mask, to make it more like the character from the movie!!

And voilà!… A Black Swan was born
Cost for all: US$40

Homemade Black Swan Costume

Homemade Black Swan Costume

Homemade Black Swan Costume

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