It all started with a thrift store purchased dance costume.

Tinker Bell – My cousin gave me a green dance costume that her mother had purchased from a thrift store, and upon seeing it Tinker Bell popped into my head. I researched online how to do a sock bun, easy enough. I used my green pair of ankle socks for Tink’s shoes, that I wore over a pair of ballet flats. I took a pair of white socks, stuffed the bottom with cotton balls, cut the top off, and sewed them into a pair of balls for the top of Tink’s shoes. I did wear nude nylons but that is not necessary. The wings were purchased. I sprayed gold hair spray all over my body to give a sparkly pixie dust look. I chose my own style of makeup to add my own flair. I used green and gold eye shadow and a dark forest green liquid liner. I glued green eye lashes for a bigger pop of green. And I chose a bubble gum pink lipstick.

Peter Pan – Green t-shirt cut into Peter’s torn style, a brown belt with a plastic toy dagger/knife tucked into it. The green tights were see through and needed something to cover the bottom. I happened to find green spandex shorts at a thrift store. The greens don’t match, but hey, it was the best I could find at an affordable price. The boots were an old pair my husband had around and spray painted them brown. The hat is just a regular winter hat with a red feather stuck in it.