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Original Peter Pan and His Shadow Couple Costume

I decided to throw a Halloween party for the group of kids my husband and I teach on Sunday mornings. I wanted to dress up for the party and make it as fun as I could for the kids. One night, I was going over my costume ideas with my husband. One of those ideas was Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I started describing to my husband how we could make these costumes. However, my husband is a visual person and needed pictures with my explanation. Consequently, my husband and I started scrolling through Peter Pan costumes on Pinterest. As we were going through the pictures my husband noticed a young boy dressed up as Peter Pan’s shadow. My husband got excited and really wanted to be Peter Pan’s shadow instead. So we changed my costume idea to Peter Pan and Peter Pan’s shadow.

My husband went and found a black morph suit in his size on Amazon.com. I went to Target and found some green tights on clearance. Then I took two oversized t-shirts and turned them inside out. I cut triangles out of the ends of the shirts and the sleeves. My husband took two small pieces of felt and glued then together in the shape of Peter Pan’s hat. My husband let the glue dry overnight and the next day we tried them on and they turned out way too small for our heads. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time or the felt to make more. I had to bobby pin mine to my head and we had to safety pin the other hat to my husband’s morph suit.

My husband and I went to church and our church friends loved the costumes! The kids loved the Peter Pan costume too but they didn’t quite understand the shadow part. They kept asking how my husband could see through the morph suit! The party turned out great! Later in the week, I posted the costume photos on Facebook and we got so many compliments from friends, family, and kid’s parents that my husband said we should enter a costume contest!

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