Tinkerbell Costume

I have always wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, partially because I love her, but mainly because I favor her.

I bought a Men’s XXL T-shirt in the perfect “Tinkerbell/Earth Tone green” that I could find. I found a strapless dress that had somewhat of a heart shaped top in my closet and traced it onto the t-shirt with chalk. At the bottom of the shirt, I drew jagged upside down triangles to form the bottom of the dress. I cut out the dress about 1/2 inch past the chalk line to give myself some room to sew it together. I just sewed up both sides and WALAAAA! It was complete. I wore green bloomers that I had from my cheerleading uniform from high school underneath the dress just so I didn’t have any exposed private areas.

Next, I bought some house slippers and craft puff balls for the shoes. If I had time, I would have dyed the slippers green to match the dress (this was a last minute project). I used fabric glue and attached the puff balls in the center of each slipper.

Finally, I purchased some fairy wings from Target. There are tutorials online to make your own fairy wings using panty hose and wire hangers, but since I was short on time, I opted for the quicker route of just buying them.

To finish the look, I threw my hair in a bun and tied a blue ribbon in my hair. I also added some sparkles to my cheeks for fun.

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