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Homemade Medusa Costume – 150 Shades of Snakes

Medusa… Let me turn you to stone!

I made every single part of my costume, head to toe (well maybe not the shoes :3)

I really loved how this costume came out. I received a lot of compliments and everyone had to touch my wig! They wanted to know what it was made of as they all jiggled and wiggled! Just like real snakes.

I dont have any close ups of my bra, the skirt, body chain or the snake skin cuffs and choker that I made for the costume. I have a hobby making jewelry so I made the cuffs and choker out of real snake skin. I also made the body chain, though that did not last the night!

*I included the one photo of me out and about as it really shows how sparkly my bra was :3

Medusa - 150 Shades of Snakes

Medusa - 150 Shades of Snakes

The Wig. The Meat & Potatoes of the Costume.

I bought over 20 packs of neon snakes from a dollar store. I then painted them all green with a purple glitter so they sparkled. I also dotted eyes on each snake. I took a wig and chopped off all the hair. Which ended up everywhere. I then sewed on over 150 snakes to the wig. I also painted the wig green so you couldn’t see my hair underneath. I really loved the wig as it jiggled every time I moved my head, Just like real live snakes! Hiss Hiss.

It took about 5-6 hours to sew all the snakes on and that’s not counting how long it took to paint them all.

Wig Construction
Wig Construction

Painting the Snakes!
Painting the Snakes!

The Glittery Bra

I originally made the bra purple, then I realized with the snake like fabric I had that I would look like the little mermaid! So I decided to redo it. About 10 layers of glitter later I had a gold/green/black glittered bra. I mixed the glitter with gold paint so that the straps matched the cup. After all those layers it was hard as rock!

(I don’t have a close up of the finished bra)

The Glittery Bra

The Skirt & Cape

I wanted to make my Medusa costume look as Greek as possible as she is from Greek mythology.

For the skirt, I cut it in three pieces. I tied the front flap to a belt and then tied the front flap to the front of the belt. I had lost all my needles and it was the night of Halloween! So I had to improvise. Next I wrapped the longest piece around my waist to cover the knots and hold it all up.

For a cape, I caught a big piece of fabric and just tied it to my bra straps.

I was really surprised that my skirt survived dancing all night!


Originally my roommate, a makeup artist was supposed to do it but then last minute, I was abandoned to my own devices. It was interesting to say the least. I used green eye shadow and gold cream eye shadow for my base and body “paint”.

Then I used green dollarama hair spray and fish net tights to create scales on my face, chest and belly. I had my cape to cover my back! It was really interesting doing the scales by myself. Lets just say I got hair spray in my eyes a few times. As I had to hold a piece fish net with my mouth and one hand while spraying the hair spray with the other hand!

I am super proud that it came out so well. I was shocked. I only know how to do basic makeup. It’s not usually my forte.

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