This Medusa snake costume took a little time to make, but was pretty easy!

  • First, I purchased several small snakes, green and silver spray paint, glitter, a plain black jumpsuit, and fishnet tights.
  • I placed the fishnets over the black jumpsuit and sprayed it with green and silver spray paint to get the reptile look.
  • I sprayed the snakes with green spray paint and sprinkled them with some glitter to get a glitzy look!
  • I ended up just bobby pinning the snakes in my hair which worked well and they stayed in place.
  • For my makeup I used a lot of green eye shadows. To get the snake look I used fishnet tights again (acts like a stencil) and placed them over different areas of my face and applied eye shadow and glitter over them.

I was very happy with the end result of this costume!