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40+ Epic Homemade Medusa Costumes

Need a show stopping costume this Halloween? Then you’re in luck! These homemade Medusa costumes are bold, breathtaking and frightening. Beauty and horror combine together in these DIY costumes for an epic ensemble. Learn how to create her incredible look with the instructions here.

Medusa hails from Greek mythology and is fabulously petrifying. Her most terrifying feature is atop her head. In place of her hair, she has living, venomous snakes! Wonder what it’s like having poisonous snakes instead of your hair? Check out the painstaking details that go into creating her elaborate mane.

In addition, crafting these hideously gorgeous DIY costumes can go in so many different ways. Take it as beautiful or as frightening as you like. Discover the clever construction ideas here and add your own design flair.

So, ready to make a grand entrance this Halloween? Try one of the fantastic homemade costumes here!

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