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Most Horrific Yet Sexy Medusa Costume

I am super proud of two parts to this Medusa costume – the headpiece and the boots. Both took me days to create.

For the headpiece, I took at long wig and braided two strands of hair with a pipe cleaner (So I could bend them afterwards). Once this was done, I sewed pieces of fake snakeskin into tubes and fitted them onto the hair strands. I hot-glued them to the scalp of the wig so they would not come off. Then I painted eyes/faces on each of those strands. Then I hand-sewed rubber snakes of all colors and sizes to the scalp. I made a headband of gold lame and snakeskin fabric to hold it in place on my head.

For the boots, I started with a regular black pair and spray-painted them gold. Then I matched the pattern on the snakeskin bodysuit (which I bought online) and first drew on the pattern by hand with a pen and then went over it with a marker. I painted snake eyes (from doll eyes) and used epoxy to adhere them. I used red pipe-cleaners for the tongues. I sprayed the boots with clear Acrylic when I was done.

I made the cape out of the same fake snakeskin fabric and sewed on two snakes to each shoulder. I make a belt out of my remaining black snakes by tying them together with the fabric. I bought snake eye contacts and snake fangs at the local Halloween store. I used a base gold face paint and then covered that with glitter gold face paint. Then I did the black eye liner to to my eyes and snake mouth.

I won 1st place at my work costume contest on 10/30. The most fun I had with this costume was going out bar-hopping on Friday night – 10/31. I was a total celebrity. I’ve never had more people come up to me and ask to have their picture taken with me. And how many people asked where I got the boots and they were amazed that I made them. One guy asked if my hair always looked like that and I told him ‘watch it buddy – I can turn you into stone’, LOL!  It turned out as good as I had hoped for and it was totally worth the effort!

Most Horrific Yet Sexy Medusa Costume

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