Medusa Costume for a Girl

My daughter is wearing this Medusa costume. She wanted to be something or someone scary for Halloween. So after some thinking we came up with Medusa.

For the costume we used black leggings (which I pulled fishnet hose over and spray painted green to make it look like scales), black combat boots, black fishnet gloves, a gold cami, and I spray painted cheesecloth and wrapped it around her and tied it on with a brown garter to look like a worn toga.

For her hair, I used a black wig and either tied or hot glued hand carved snakes. I also spray painted the bottom of the hair gold. And I also used strips of cheesecloth with “blood” and put in the wig along with other embellishments like spiders, roaches, and moss.

To make the snakes I used styrofoam balls and carved snake heads and then glued them to mesh piping. After they were done I spray painted them either green or gold.  For accessories we got a dollar store gold snake necklace and gold snake earrings. I also used temporary tattoos and placed them on her arms and chest.

For her makeup I used fishnet hose on her forehead and dabbed green face paint to make it look like scales. I then used heavy eye makeup and tried to make a cat like eyes. After the eyes were done, I used a green shimmer loose eye shadow and brushed her face a neck to give her face a slight shimmer. We also placed a small mp3 player in her wig and had it repeat a snake hissing.

Her Medusa costume was a huge hit at the local Halloween festivities. Kids and adults loved her costume. I’m not sure if the end result is as “scary” as we were going for in the beginning but it definitely looks like a Medusa costume!

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