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Medusa the Amazon – Sexiest Homemade Medusa Costume

I had a blast making this sexy homemade Medusa costume. This was a nice outlet for me to escape a stressful month, even adults have to have fun right? The headpiece was the most fun for me to make!

I bought about 30 black mini snakes (the cheap small ones that you can get about 15 in a pack for $5) and three large fake snakes from a gardening store. Apparently, people use these to scare off birds and squirrels from veggies in the garden? I found out that they do the job of scaring people just as well ha. I greased the brown snake up in olive oil hair grease for shine and left him at the front door to be found when the door opened. Nearly gave my friend a heart attack. She wouldn’t even come in the house; she threw a rock at it from the front door to make sure it was fake! I named the snake Edward after that because he had personality, lol!

Anyway, the very base of the headpiece came from a child’s Medusa costume. It basically was a small green rubber cap with about six snakes glued to it. I twisted some copper wire hangers together to make a twisted “fence” and punched holes in the rubber cap to feed the wires through. I twisted one of the large snakes through the wires on top of the cap to stretch it into an “S” shape and have it poke out of the head piece (the original snake stayed  in the “coiled” position if you didn’t stretch it with both hands). I then took a ton of plant training wire and coiled it around the fence I created. I bought a fake bendable branch from a pet store and twisted it through the wire and positioned it so it would look like two snakes were biting at you from in front of my face. I filed down some fake fingernails and glued it to the “bend-a-branch” material to make fangs for the two snakes.

Next comes the spray paint! Woot woot! I spray painted the entire thing black and then used some poster paint to paint white “tummies,” red eyes, and fangs on the snakes. The black spray paint made the “bend-a-branch” snakes look like they were burnt or something, so I dubbed these snakes my “snakes from hell,” ha. I added a long dark green snake to the headpiece and twisted it through the wire fence. I then proceeded to glue all 30 of the mini snakes around the head piece.

For the crown, I used aluminum foil, beading wire, construction paper, and a necklace that I took apart. I glued two snakes to a headband I made from aluminum foil. I used the center jewel from a necklace for the center of the crown and then I made the spikes from folded black construction paper. Next came the spray paint! Woot woot! (can you tell I love spray paint?) I spray painted everything gold and then used beading wire to secure it to the front of my snake nest head piece.

The skirt was actually a dress that I cut in half and stitched material to it in order to fashion it around my waist. I got some black fabric and cut it up to make it look shredded and put it under the green/gold for a darker tone. I braided my hair and added gold foil to the ends of my braids for a “amazon warrior” look. The boots and gloves I had on hand and I accessorized with tons of gold bracelets (and pasties of course!). I wrapped the remaining large snake around myself and then placed Edward right beside it. The final touch I added was the stuff purchased from a Halloween shop.

The looks I got wearing this were amazing! I kept getting stopped for photo ops with different people. The craziest thing was that my “hell snakes” lived up to their name. Everytime I got finished taking a pic and turned my head, I accidentally poked the photo goer in the eye with one of them, lol! Fortunately, nobody was hurt, I had a great time wearing this and nobody turned to stone. ;-)

Medusa the Amazon - Sexiest Homemade Medusa Costume

Medusa the Amazon - Sexiest Homemade Medusa Costume

Medusa the Amazon - Sexiest Homemade Medusa Costume

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