My husband and I always try to come up with a good, original couples costume for the annual adults-only Halloween party we attend.  I had always had a fascination with Medusa, and my husband was thrilled to be the manly Perseus: the man who slayed the evil Medusa.

These costumes were EXTREMELY time-consuming, especially Medusa’s headpiece.  I started by purchasing a toy helmet with a chin strap and 12 plastic snakes from the Dollar store.  The helmet was used as the base of Medusa’s snake “hair”.  I painted the snakes and the helmet a greenish-silver color, jammed wire into the bodies, then began to hot glue the snakes to the helmet.  The problem was, when I finished gluing, that there was still a significant amount of helmet showing, especially since many of the snakes were pointing up.  After brain-storming, I came up with a solution: I would used rolled-up paper towels, weaved in among the snakes.  These paper towels would serve to cover up more of the helmet, as well as give a realistic look of copious amounts of writhing snake bodies atop my head.  Once I had woven in the paper towels, I re-touched everything with more paint.
Then I created a “crown” of gold flexible foam and used sparkly gold puffy paint to give it detail.  Around my neck I tied a coordinating piece of gold fabric also painted with puffy paint–this helped to disguise the helmet’s neck strap which kept the heavy headpiece in place. The final touch was a snake glued to my shirt.

My husband’s costume was a little easier.  We purchased 2 gladiator shields from a costume shop and used painted cardboard and faux-leather material to create a breastplate.  This went over top of a white t-shirt we had aged by dipping it into a bucket of hot tea, then dried and cut it up a bit.  Then we made wristlets and laced-up “boots”. Finally he had his sword–the famous sword that beheaded Medusa!

Our costumes were majorly detailed and time-consuming, but so worth it!  My mom hates snakes, so she wouldn’t even come near me in my get-up…she didn’t even want to look at me long enough to snap a picture!  The only downside of my costume was the pounding headache it caused: the headpiece ended up being close to 20 pounds and was extremely uncomfortable to wear for a long night.  But my husband took care of that problem by “beheading” me at the end of the evening!