It’s Halloween season and you’re tired of the typical traditional women’s costumes in the stores and online. Besides them being common they can get pretty expensive when you add the accessories and the makeup the next thing you know you have no money to spend on your night out to show off your costume. This past Halloween 2012 that’s exactly how I felt. I thought “I want a costume that is cute, fun, inexpensive, well made and different.” I love Halloween for the fact that you get to be creative and have fun. So what other way could you have fun and be creative then by making your very on Halloween costume.

Time – 5 hrs total (over two weeks)
Cost -20 dollars or less

So here’s how I made my Fierce Medusa:
1) Think about your body shape, what would look good on you and still be a costume. I started with a simple sketch of a halter/crop top(but you could make a tank or full dress) and a long skirt with slits up the side.

2) Go to your local fabric store, scope out the fabrics that are festive and in your color range (so for Medusa I picked green fabrics with a gold tone)

3) Purchase the fabrics, they are sold by yards, so think about your shape and the cut of the costume to figure out how much you will need, be sure to get a little extra as well.

4) Here’s what you need in addition to the fabric
-glue gun, extra glue for the glue gun (found at local crafts store)
– large scissors
-needle and green or dark tread
-fabric pins (or what I used duck tape), to secure where you will be sewing or gluing
-a basic black/green strapless sports bra (like a bandeau top)
-a dark colored pair of spandex shorts

The following steps will go through how I began putting together my Fierce Medusa costume:
1) Lay out your shorts and top
2)Based on your drawing of the costume decide how you want your fabric to lay
3)Cut your fabric as desired, I choose to use the gold colored fabric for the sides and the top, while the greener fabric I used for the base of the skirt.
4) For the back I used a long piece of the green fabric to put it simple to cover my butt, so that laid flat down the back (I hot glued any cut imperfection of the fabric together, making a hem)
5) I then sewed the fabric to the spandex pants and top, this was sometimes difficult. As this was my first costume, I did not measure myself before hand so though I was using preexisting clothing items as the base as I sewed them I would have to try the costume on in between making sure I didn’t sew it too tightly or in corrective and ensuring it fit
6) I started with the bottom of the costume, again gluing the cut fabric into each other (held down by duck tape)
7) For the side panels I used the gold fabric which I sewed to the shorts then glued into each other, make it a length you desire and feel comfortable with how much leg will be out.
8) In the front of the bottom I realized that I couldn’t make the same flat panel because the way the fabric moved (this was after a first try) So I cut the fabric in half making to separate piece in the front, one longer than the other with space in the middle to allow for movement when I walked.
9) When it came to the top of the costume I was sewing the fabric too tightly to the bra top so when I would try it on, it wouldn’t fit. I remember looking in the mirror with my arms stuck in the air as I tried to get the costume on. LOL
10) I then decided to only add the fabric to the front on the bra top, and using some of the already seed fabric that was excess as a detail, swirling it up into a snake like shape
11) After all the sewing was done, and it fit I was done!

To accessorize the costume:

Black heels is what I wore, but you can decide, I even thought about wearing a red heel

I found some saved crafted items like a broken gold costume jewelry necklace, which I glued to the front of skirt on the costume.
I used some red ribbon on the tongue of the snake on top of the costume
I used the extra fabric to make a fun head band with some of the gold jewelry glued to it
For make up and hair
My hair was in long box braids at the time so I braided them into each other making a few large braids, which I spray painted with green hair spray. I then rubber banded the braids into each other to make them look snake like…It’s Medusa duh! LOL For an extra detail you could add the red ribbon to the tips of the braids as a tongue to the snake heads
For my makeup I used a gold lipstick, gold glittery eye shadow and eye liner found at my local beauty supply store. Use as much as you want in addition to your other makeup bases

I hope you enjoyed and create your own Fierce Medusa!!!!