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100+ Epic Homemade Greek/Roman/Mythology Costumes

Gone are the days of throwing a sheet over yourself and calling it a toga. With the plethora of books and movies for inspiration, these Greek/Roman/Mythology costumes have reached epic proportions.

If you have muscles to show off, a Spartacus costume is a brilliant idea. Another amazing idea is Medusa. The different versions of Medusa featured here are actually breathtaking. For a couple costume idea, you can bring along a stone victim like someone here did.

In addition, you will find an adorable baby Cupid, awesome Centaur costumes and a woman who transformed herself into a singing harp.

Even more idea include Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena – names that roll off your tongue.

Another cool option is to make DIY costumes out of recycled material. You will see gladiators, crusaders, knights and princess costumes that have interestingly all been made out of beer bottle packaging.

So whether you transform into a Stayr, unicorn or human statue, you will find all the homemade costume inspiration you need here.

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