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Not-So-Scary Child Medusa Homemade Costume

I love making Halloween costumes for my daughter and this past year she wanted to be something fun and not kiddie.  So I looked at some ideas and suggested Medusa.  I showed her some ideas and when I said we can even spray your hair green, she was all for it.

I started with a large green tablecloth from a thrift store for the dress.  It had a awesome texture to it that almost looked like snake skin.  I made a toga-like dress that was easy to move in and was large enough to add warmer clothes on underneath. (Just in case- we live in the Midwest and October weather is crazy.)

For her headpiece I bought a large lot of fake rubber snakes from amazon.  I wired them to a headband.

Then I added two rubber snakes found at the $tree and hung them around her neck.

We teased and sprayed her hair green and added a gold sash around her waist to finish it off.

She loved it!

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