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Coolest Medusa and Statue Couples Costume

Medusa –

I purchased a “Swamp Queen” wig as the basis for the hair, but it could be any long wig, or you can use your own hair if it is long. I purchased about 8-10 rubber snakes from the dollar store and 6 sectioned cobra like snakes from the craft store. I gathered all the rubber snakes and put a rubber band around them close to their tail. I took the head sections of the cobra like snakes and used black thick chenille to form their bodies and wound the chenille around a headband to make the snakes stand up on top of her head. I took fishing line and sewed the snakes to the crown of the wig and then sewed the headband in place (Note: If you go this route make sure you securely pin the wig on as it will move).

I just used a black dress that I had that had a ragged bottom, a pair of leggings with a snakelike pattern and a piece of snakeskin like material I bought at the fabric store and wrapped toga style. I also took strips of the fabric and attached to cuffs I made to fit my upper arm. I wore a pair of sandals.

I used fishnet stockings to make the snakeskin look on my face/body. I used green and black makeup and added makeup green and yellow glitter while the makeup was wet. I put on fake eyelashes and used black lipstick to finish the look.

Statue (man turned to stone for looking upon Medusa):

The laurel wreath headband, a fake sword a pair of sandals a plastic tray purchased from the food service store for the shield were all painted with grey spray paint. I hot glued decorations on the front of the tray before I painted it. I also hot glued straps on the back to make the shield. I purchased some gray material from the fabric store and made a tunic and wrapped fabric around his waist to hold the sword and brought it up like a toga. He wore a grey turtleneck shirt and grey shorts and gray tights underneath. He also wore grey gloves (we actually dyed these to make them grey. We put grey makeup on the exposed skin.

Hope you like our Homemade Medusa and Statue Couples Costume.

Homemade Medusa and Statue Couples Costume

Homemade Medusa and Statue Couples Costume

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