Cutest Homemade Hippity Hoppity Kangaroo Costume

My Daughter wanted to be an animal for Halloween a few years back and we decided on a Kangaroo costume. The body started out with a pair of brown pants and brown oversized sweatshirt. I attached a offwhite toilet seat cover to the front of the shirt for the pocket.  I flipped the bottom up … Read more

Not-So-Scary Child Medusa Homemade Costume

I love making Halloween costumes for my daughter and this past year she wanted to be something fun and not kiddie.  So I looked at some ideas and suggested Medusa.  I showed her some ideas and when I said we can even spray your hair green, she was all for it. I started with a … Read more

Cutest Homemade Cupcake Girl Costume

My Daughter was as sweet as a cupcake so we decided to dress her up like one as well. For the Cupcake I started with a dollar store round laundry basket.  I cut out the bottom.  I first folded the boards to make them look like a cupcake liner.  Then I attached white poster board … Read more