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Cutest Homemade Cupcake Girl Costume

My Daughter was as sweet as a cupcake so we decided to dress her up like one as well.

For the Cupcake I started with a dollar store round laundry basket.  I cut out the bottom.  I first folded the boards to make them look like a cupcake liner.  Then I attached white poster board to the base with zip ties.  I decorated the “liner” with colorful circles.

To hold up the base to my daughter’s body I clipped suspenders to the basket rim. I added two different colors to the top of the liner for the frosting and then  I cut some batting to put around my daughters neck to be the whipped cream  and added some pom pom sprinkles on top.

To top it all off I I added a HUGE red pom pom to the top of a pink hat for the “cherry on top”.

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