Coolest Homemade Human Statue Costume

Homemade Human Statue Costume

To make the Homemade Human Statue Costume I used several sized boxes, 1 for the pedestal and 4 for the upper and lower tiers. I wrapped all the boxes in textured white wallpaper and assembled them all together. I then glued on ivy in a draped pattern. I painted my daughter’s hair and face with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Live Statue Costume Idea

Homemade Live Statue Costume Idea

For this homemade live statue costume idea I started out with 2 – 26″ square boxes, one 22″ square box, and one 24″ Styrofoam wreath. I used the inside width of the wreath as the width of the column. Cut holes in both sides of the boxes so that a tube can go through the … Read more