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Epic Homemade Satyr Costumes

We always make my daughters costumes and try to top ourselves the next year, so this year she wanted to be a centaur for Halloween, but we were not sure how well she would be able to get up stairs to trick or treat and didn’t want her to miss that part of trick or treating, so, we decided to do the Satyr instead because she was pretty set on being a mythical creature.

I definitely give her all the credit for the idea, I just make it lol.

We used tin foil… lots of tine foil… to shape the horns for her headpiece and the horns on her armor and then latex over them, then used Hot glue to make designs on the horns, then painted them and attached them to a headband.

We used a Yoga Mat for the armor and belt, we used old Jeans and foam to shape the legs, fur to hot glue to the jeans (we used LOOOOTS of hot glue and burnt fingers lol) also we had two attempts for the bottoms. First we tried leggings thinking it would be comfier, but, they shrunk and she could only get them half way up lol, so we started all over and the jeans ended up being much comfier. We used old heels that took forever to find because she has such small feet and we molded putty to shape the hooves to top it off… that was definitely something that everyone loved. 

We used foam and floam (used for bathroom leaks) to make her giant weapon. And I made extra sure to make everything light weight for comfort. 

Everyone loved this Satyr costume and said it was the most creative of the night! People took pictures and asked where we got our costumes from:) We live in a small town and everyone starts asking us in August what are plans are for the new year and say they wait Halloween night to see what my girls will be. 

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