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Amazing Steampunk Satyr Costume

This Steampunk Satyr costume was entirely made by hand!

I took my love for fantasy and combined it with my enjoyment for gears and mechanics.  My costume combined Steampunk and Satyr together.

Making the Steampunk Satyr Costume

Horns: The horns are sculpted/carved from insulation foam and coated with one layer of Worbla.  After they were painted and screwed into a wig.  I took roving wool and rolled dreadlocks that I stitched into the wig.

Pants/Shoes: The pants are made from an 8 piece pattern I created.  They are formed around pillows attached to a pair of handmade leggings underneath.  These pillows assist with the legs designs.  The shoes are a pair of boots that have their heels cut off.  Using wood to create a hoof shaped block sunk in resin; I dripped the soles of the shoes onto the hooves before painting and adding the boot covers.

Full Arm (right): Full arm glove with attached claws and hand armor.  The full arm is made from EVA foam sandwiched between layers of Worbla, primed and painted.

Shoulder (left): Using Wonderflex I created the left shoulder armor before sewing and attaching leather onto the top and bottom of each piece.

Collar: The collar/cap is made from leather and a suede material with a Victorian print.  The collar is supported by 2 layers of 16-gauge wire stitched into the edges.  All the straps were hand crafted and the buckles were hand riveted into place.

Corset: The corset was hand sewn using a suede brown material.  Added brown pieces of rope crossing in the front.

Two-Handed Sayth/Axe: The weapon was hand designed.  It is a mash-up between Final Fantasy, Vampire Knight, and Steampunk into one beautiful beast of an accessory.  This weapon breaks down into three different sections to make travel much easier. Using Insulation foam to sculpt/carve the big pieces of the weapon.  Using a dowel rod to attach everything to, I continued to use cardboard, EVA foam, Worbla, etc.

Each piece was crafted with lots of patience, blood, sweat, and literal tears at times.  It was a lot of work, and I am overly pleased how it came out.  Each piece comes together to create this masterpiece.  It is not just a costume, but a work of art (at least in my eyes.)

I hope you all enjoy!

Amazing Steampunk Satyr Costume

Amazing Steampunk Satyr Costume

Amazing Steampunk Satyr Costume

Amazing Steampunk Satyr Costume

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