One day, as I was browing the internet, I saw a picture of someone wearing ram horns. At that moment, I was struck with a brilliant idea! Because I only had two trick or treaters last year, ( my neighbors ) I decided it might be best not to go all out in that fashion again, but instead to enter to costume contest! (where people will actually see my costume) After I saw the horns, I knew I wantd to be a satyr. Gentle, nature loving, and wise, like the god pan, I felt I could really embrace being a dipiction of a female member of the satyr species. I have never made a costume before but I am very ingenuitive and imaginative so I set out for my supplies as soon as I had the idea. I found my horns at party city and bought some acryllic paint from walmart to make them look more natural. The paint job came out great partly because I had a vision, and partly because I was enjoying a few episodes of star trek at the same time. After painting, I began my work on my leg bone structure that was to be attatched to my calfs. I used a block of floral foam because it was easy to shave, however cleaning the dust from me and my floor was not so comfortable…. lesson learned. For my ears I used a earpiece that attatches to headphones as a base for cardboard paper. I cut the paper into large triangles and folded and glued them to the earpeices. I purchased some brown fur and much softer white fur from joanne fabrics. I glued and cut to shape the brown fur on top of my ears and did the same with the white fur on bottom. I felt like I was on a roll! I stuffed some brown tights with a small blanket I had cut in half for my thighs and placed the bone structure on my calfs so that i would take measurments for my pants that I was going to make from the brown fabric I bought. I outlined and cut the peices for my pants and sewed them together only to find that trying to conform them to by legs so that they looked natural was turning out to be a disaster! My biggest goal for this costume was to make it look real. I didnt want it to look more like a costume and less like an animal, I wanted to be very animal like in not just the way I looked but how I moved aswell. So with time ticking, I ordered an emergency pair of fuzzy tights and converted my pants into chaps! I secured them to my waste by drawstring. Believe me when I say the construction of this was an emotional rollercoaster. I then cut a large triangular piece of brown fabric and the white fabric and sewed them together. I folded it halfway and hand sewed it to my chaps as my tail. I purchased a pair of platform pumps for my feet (which I have now concluded to be a bad idea.) It was an adventure trying to remove the heels. I started using a handsaw when i discovered a metal rod in the middle…learn something new everyday! I found it funny when i got frustrated and started searching online for some tips about what tools I would need(obviously not a hammer) when I found a person who posted a question that sounded word for word what I was going through. I took a snap shot of it with my phone. Hopefully I can include that photo. Eventually with the help of my more tool inclined boyfriend, we found a reliable hacksaw (more reliable than the 1.97 one I bought at walmart…can you believe it) to do the job. And it worked! So from then on, I measured the dimensions of my soon to be hoof according to the size of my shoe. Using brown flip flops, I cut to size yet again a trianguar shape that was later on glued to my shoe, and around it I glued the brown furry fabric. I cut long rectangular pieces of the fabric and attatched velcro so that I could wrap the middle of my foot and keep my shoe from showing. The fuzzy tights went over my heel and under the rectangular fabric. This also helped my chaps and feet to match in color. I also used velcro on my chaps to stick to the tights and conform to my leg. This made it adjustable to sitting and standing. However after one night on the town my hoofs didnt hold and I had to go on stage and show my costume barefoot! I felt devastated because I was really getting a competative frame of mind, obsessing about looking real, and I stopped having fun :( However to my surprise, out of over 100 people, my costume ranked in at 12th place :) My biggest challenge was finding a way to secure my horns. Let me just say several ideas did not work and I was a wreck of emotion, tossing up the idea of throwing in the towel and turning my home into an insane asylum with not wanting to give up all my efforts that easily. My boyfriend should be compensated for my emotions. He was the real victim. In the end I rigged the horns to a fixed headband and could easily take them on and off. I pinned some ivy vines I bought from an ac moore around my body as my only clothes.(ofcourse I wore a nude colored shirt under neath) For this contest, I remade the hoof in the same way with stronger glue and a smaller hoof. On my night on the town I met a centaur and another satyr! While I was very impressed with the craftmanship of other peoples costumes, people were to my surprise, very intriuged with mine. People stared at me, even from their cars and wondered how I looked so real and I was the very image of enchantment. I kept telling people that I was a satyr who decided to come to the human realm, facinated by them, and to my surprise did not see very many humans! (because I chose to come out on halloween night)