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Cool Homemade Satyr Costume

This is a homemade Satyr costume my husband and I made for our 15 year old daughter. After looking at the ‘off the rack’ costumes offered this year, she decided to go with a homemade Satyr costume. We did a lot of research online and found several websites with instructions for digitigrade stilts made out of plywood. It is a fairly simple process and a quick Google search will help find sites offering detailed pictures and instructions.

The ‘hooves’ are foam pieces shaped around the bottom piece of wood and covered in plaster strips. We then applied several coats of black and brown paint. If this was a costume we were planning on using again, I would have used something more sturdy. The shape of her legs was due to upholstery foam pads inserted under the fur suit.

She made the leaf headband from a craft store, leaves and acorns. The horns are devil horns that we spray painted brown.

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