Krank Shaft the Steampunk Engineer with Achimedes the Owl

Hello my name is Charles and I’m a Steampunk artist, I have created my own original character. Ever since i was a young boy i loved to make things from model planes to LEGO. Once I heard what Steampunk was, I knew it was me from birth I just didn’t have a name for it. This is just a small part of me I also make costumes and draw, sculpt, you name it, its in my blood.

Creating such pieces can be very difficult because its what you have around in box’s, junk cabinets, and friends that are giving away random stuff. The face i came up with the concept of a respirator mask. When i started the Steampunk thing officially i wanted my own look. Something new never before seen Steampunk engineer. Why engineer you say its because i wanted to build a character after myself. I make things . The owl Archimedes is a very special project. I have never made anything like this little guy.

How do you Steampunk an owl? Well i did with metal scales, foam, watch parts, and a little organic touch of feathers. The chest armor is made from Eva foam. 7 coats of pant and some crazy idea’s from my head. To be clear i just come up with original designs because the world we live today has lost a great part of creativity. I want to make and show this world that you can still create beautiful works of art.