I’m not into the Steampunk trend or a follower by any means, but I had a Halloween party to attend and when I have the opportunity or challenge to dress up I love to go all out. I had seen a few pictures and movies that had introduced me to the Steampunk style and I was intrigued, so I thought I’d give it a try. I knew I was going to have to get into the details with this one though, so I planned a long time in advance and at the end had more than just a costume…I had a flying machine.

I took my old easel from college, took it a part and used some of the metal to frame the machine, then added fabric, string, foam core, duct tape, and within a week had a machine that could strap to my back like a backpack and was painted to match the imaginary time period. I also made a ring that had clock handles on it and painted the words “tic toc”.

The final touch before the outfit was my gun, I repainted my Nerf gun and hot glued giant silver coils to the top of the gun and again attached some clock handles. The outfit was pieced together from my own wardrobe with the exception of the black trench coat type shirt with ruffles all over it that I bought on Ebay, and the top hat complete with cog goggles. It was a ton of fun and everybody loved it, especially all the details. But the only place I was going to be flying was flat on my face…I was a wannabe.