My boyfriend, Joshua, came up with the idea to do a Steampunk (Victorian age, mechanical, sort of post-apoctolypic, science fiction genre) look for a Halloween costume, and I thought that sounded great! At first, I thought he might be upset that I wanted to copy his excellent idea, but he was thrilled to do a couple’s costume (since neither of us have done that before).

I thought about making my own dress since I have done sewing with my grandma before, but with classes and work keeping me busy, I ran out of time. I bought a pirate’s costume dress and Joshua bought a Steampunk shirt and coat online. We also bought cheap top hats and goggles and I got a pair of biker gloves from a Halloween store. We then went to the craft store in our area and bought beads and scrap booking materials to add. We got a pack of metal gears, keys, and bolts and screws, and copper wires, as well as random little metal pieces that we thought would look cool.

From there, we just started gluing pieces on to our clothing to create a design. Joshua did more of a systematic and organized look on his hat while I did mine as more of a random design. We mostly used hot glue, but sometimes that wouldn’t work. I spray painted my gloves with a gold color because they were black and my costume was mainly brown tones, and then the hot glue would not stick. For that, I used Gorilla Glue instead. That was very difficult because it takes so long to dry, and I had to hold it in place for a half hour. It also dries white, so I had to be super careful not to let it squirt out the sides.

After many hours of planning, bending, and gluing, our pieces looked great! I think they turned out better than I had imagined them to. The next day after finishing them, we went to Madison Wisconsin’s Freak Fest to show them off. We were a big hit! There were tons of people there with many different costumes, but we were the only Steampunkers that I saw. It was a good feeling because we felt original (I counted 15 Where’s Waldo’s and 24 Witches and 55 Cats, you get my point). People were complimenting us every few minutes about how cool we looked and asking where they could buy our costumes! We had to tell them that we made them and they weren’t for sale. Three times that night we were told that we were the best costumes they had seen all night. We wanted to enter a contest there, but they were in the bars and I am not of age yet.

When I uploaded some pictures to Facebook, they got more likes than the picture of my new puppy! I was pleasantly surprised at the reactions we got, even though I knew we looked really cool. This is definitely the best costume I have ever put together, even though I usually make my own. We’re both very pleased with the results and hope you like them too!