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Epic Cleopsis Eater of Death Costume – Entirely Homemade!

This year my daughter, Harmony, who is 13 yrs old. She wanted to be something Egyptian but still wanted to be something unique for Halloween, so, we searched the internet for different ideas and she saw a Cleopsis statue and just loved it! So, I said , “Sure, that’ll be cool!” little did I realize how detailed this thing was lol! But still it was a lot of fun to make.

I ordered some EVA foam in 10mm and 6mm size (about $20) for the headdress, top, arm bands and both neck pieces and smaller mm sizes for the detail and I also got regular .48 craft foam for some detail as well and got about 4 sheets. I used saran wrap and duct tape to shape her head, then used that for the size to cut my pattern for the base to her cap.

Then, I cut a middle piece and side pieces in the shape and size I wanted and then used contact cement ($4.99) to glue the pieces together, which works awesome!!!!! Tip: wait until its dry to the touch before sticking the pieces together and they will hold great! Then I used my heat gun that I already had, and heated the pieces and bent them to the shape I needed until they cooled and it held its shape! Then I used the smaller size EVA foam and cut out the details and used the contact glue and heat gun the same way.

I followed the same steps for her top, neck pieces and arm bands, but the arm bands and top had zippers I already had handy to hot glue for easy off and on.

I bought a $3.98 face mask from hobby lobby and used hot glue to create the shape I wanted for her eyebrows and around the eyes. Then painted it with .99 acrylic paint. I also contoured her cheeks and painted lips for a more realistic looking face ;) I used the same paint and used the dry paint technique to brush onto her “armor” and head piece for a metal look.

I bought some LED blue lights off ebay for $6.99 and duct taped them into the mask. It had an easy off and on button. You could see easily out of them during the day but, at night it was difficult to see. But this gave it a really cool look. We bought $7 baby soft yarn for the hair and hot glued it to the head piece. My mother has old material that I used for her skirt.

This costume had very little hand sewing and the rest was hot glued. I layered 3 scrap pieces of material and hand sewed a band to add an elastic band to for the skirt and then just tied the ends around her waist when she wore it. She had on a pair of black leggings underneath because of the slit where it was tied and also bc it was freezing out, and we bought a $2 leotard and a .50 belt from salvation army! We got a stick from our back yard, used left over foam and scrap material to make her staff which also held her trick or treat bag :)

We topped it off with a skeleton snake we got from target for $10. We go to the same gaited community every year to trick or treat and after a little while of trick or treating one homeowner said that her picture had been sent in a group chat throughout their community and were just waiting to see her in person, and several people said she had the best costume of the night! This was super light weight to wear and she absolutely loved it!!

We can’t wait to create a costume for next year but hope you enjoy this one as much as we do!! Thanks!

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