I’m wearing a costume I thought of years ago and finally brought to life. The Goddess Isis. People always do Nefertiti or Cleopatra. Well, I wanted to do one that rarely gets done, and do it right!
-I made the dress, wrist and arm bands and the entire headdress. I customized the wings, purchased the necklace from Egypt (from eBay) and also the gold sandals (from eBay).

– I decided to mix the many different looks of ISIS all in one.

Body -I painted my body gold by using Graftobian – Gold Powder and Mixing Liquid (I used only 1 gold powder jar, and not even the whole thing, but I did use 2 of the little bottles of mixing liquid) so I suggest getting extra mixing liquid since it only comes with one. I sprayed my body with Graftobian Makeup setting spray to extend the durability of the paint.

Hair- I cut a black wig with bangs and added a few braids/twists.

Head dress- I sculpted the base of the headdress by using 2 types of clay ( lightweight air-dry foam clay and air dry crayola clay). I used the foam clay in black for the front section, to shape the vulture and wings, the used the other clay in back (wetting it helped stick them together. I painted it all gold. I then used a piece of cardboard, newspaper and tape to shape and form the cow horns (horn making method I found on YouTube). after making that, I painted it gold. I used a large Styrofoam ball from Micheal’s for the solar disc and painted it red. Used a hot glue gun to stick all these pieces together. Then decorated as desired. I added an elastic strap with hot glue to keep it on my head (hidden of coarse).

The Dress- I made the dress out of metallic gold scale like fabric (about 1 yard). I added a split in back so it would be easier to walk and kneel down to do the famous ISIS pose.

Arm/Wrist Pieces- I just used some of the left over fabric to construct these pieces and added Velcro to each piece for closure, I added red ribbon fabric to the hems of the wrist bands.

The Wings- I ordered the wings from eBay (took like 22 days to arrive) and added wooden sticks inside (from Michael’s) to hold the wings steady. I also customized how I wanted the wings to look by cutting them down like ISIS‘ wings. They were floor length before.

The Necklace – I ordered the necklace from an Egyptian store on eBay.

The Shoes- I ordered gold sandals that looked gladiator like and it went perfect!

Overall cost: Between $100-$150 ( Thats including everything! Shoes ,paint, etc.)

It took a lot of hard work and fun and patience but not only was I very pleased with my costume. everyone who saw me loved it and wanted to take pictures all night! Everyone was amazed and wanted to touch my skin to see if the paint would rub off (haha). Everyone stared at me (it was kinda creepy but cool lol). I just really loved my costume and the reactions. Because of how great it came out, I’d definitely wear it again!