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25+ Awe-Inspiring Homemade Egyptian Costumes for All Ages

Evoke the feeling of towering pyramids and fascinating hieroglyphics in this alluring collection of homemade Egyptian costumes. These are luxurious, ornate and golden costumes for your complete immersion into ancient Egypt’s culture.

If you have dreamed of becoming royalty, now is your chance. Transform into the Queen of the Nile as Cleopatra. Don her sleek black hair, golden crown and smokey eye makeup. Another queen idea you will see here is a glamorous and beautiful Nefertiti.

From King Tut to Pharaoh, chose whichever royal king you would like to be. Or aim even higher with an Egyptian God.

In addition, preserved so carefully in their pyramids are, of course, mummies. Discover how to make mummy wrapping look timeworn and authentic. They are easy to construct, just make sure they don’t unravel!

So capture the flavor of ancient Egypt with the gilded and exotic DIY costumes here.

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