This year is my baby’s first Halloween and I wanted to make her something different. I have a store bought Cleopatra costume and thought it would be neat for her to be a baby Egyptian and I would push her around in the stroller.

I bought some white fabric and Egyptian-looking ribbon at the craft store. I was trying to get inspiration on a head piece or hat when I came upon a kids Egyptian headpiece at the goodwill for $2. I cut the white fabric into the shape of an apron dress. (I just free-handed the design and tested by holding up to her into I got the shape right.) Then I just laid out the ribbon in the pattern I wanted and hot glued to the fabric. I wanted to make sure her ears were covered in case it was cold or windy when she wore the costume, so I cut the headpiece to fit her head and hot glued to a fleece hat she had.

I have received tons of compliments on it and how cute she looks. Total cost was $7.